ABBA (Father)

There will come heat, there will come drought, there will come bad things in life, but those who trust in the Lord will be like that tree planted by the water. Without fear, worries, or doubts. He is in control.

End of Times: Dreams and Visions about Hawaii, volcanoes, war, Mount Rushmore and the Golden State Bridge.

On February 25 of 2022 I woke up when I had a dream that God showed me about someone I know. This dream was important because it had to do with the bigger picture that we are living in now, it has to do with the times, it was a crucial time sensitive dream. ItContinue reading “End of Times: Dreams and Visions about Hawaii, volcanoes, war, Mount Rushmore and the Golden State Bridge.”


The last couple of weeks have been amazing. I have been spending time with family, my dogs, and even the chickens. But most of all, we have been taking time each day to worship Jesus together. I have been very happy, because I truly feel that I am walking the path that the Lord wantsContinue reading “Resist”

Am I Qualified?

Yes. Absolutely yes. Jesus is the best teacher. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be taught by anyone, it doesn’t mean you have to completely disregard all of your mother’s teachings, or the sermon your pastor gave last Sunday, it means that you have to learn to discern what you are being taught. The HolyContinue reading “Am I Qualified?”

About Kodesh Oils

To be anointed is to be set apart, that is what Kodesh means, these oils are set apart for an act of faith that draws us closer to Christ. Anointing oils are used in the representation of the powerful, healing, anointing blood of Christ. The blood that saved the Israelites from the angel of deathContinue reading “About Kodesh Oils”

Anointing Oil

Beginnings SHepherds, Tabernacle, Kings, people & Healing Shepherds have been anointing their sheep for a long time now. Sheep are very susceptible to flies and parasites. Shepherds pour olive oil over their sheep’s heads and let it go through every crevice of their ears, nose, and eyes. This helps repel flies and parasites from potentiallyContinue reading “Anointing Oil”

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