Anointing Oil


SHepherds, Tabernacle, Kings, people & Healing

Shepherds have been anointing their sheep for a long time now. Sheep are very susceptible to flies and parasites. Shepherds pour olive oil over their sheep’s heads and let it go through every crevice of their ears, nose, and eyes. This helps repel flies and parasites from potentially killing their sheep. Think about how many times in the day you have worries, anxiety, fear, and just plain old bad thoughts that try to plague your mind. In Psalms 23, David writes about the Lord being our Shepherd, how the Lord anoints our head with oil. We can anoint our head with oil every day with merely a touch of oil to our foreheads or the top of our head, in an act of faith that can have all of those thoughts sliding right off.

Tabernacle Holy anointing oil was used to anoint the Tabernacle and everything in it ( Exodus 40:9). The same way we should anoint our homes and everything in them. The spiritual atmosphere in our home is very important, not only for ourselves but for our families and the people that come to visit. The atmosphere in your home affects you greatly and those you love, this is why anointing our homes when we are led by the Holy Spirit is very important. The same way we love to have a clean home, anointing your home with Holy anointing oil spiritually cleans your home.

People In Exodus 29:7 God gives Moses instructions to anoint Priests with oil. In Ecclesiastes 9: 8, David talks about anointing our head with oil always. The act of anointing people and ourselves with holy anointing oil is a common practice in the Bible. This act is not like putting on perfumes and lotions, but it is a holy act, an act of faith. It is an act of faith that signifies the blood of Christ over our heads and over our family and friends. It is an act of protection, an act of healing, and an act of preparation. Preparing yourself for the day ahead, for the battles you are facing, like the woman in Matthew 26: 6 -13, who poured the oil over the feet of Jesus in preparation for His burial.

Kings To be anointed means to be set apart. In the Bible, Holy anointing oil was also used by prophets to anoint people God has chosen to become Kings. In 2 Kings 9:6, the prophet Elisha is commanded by God with specific instructions to grab a jar of olive oil and pour it over Jehu’s head and declare that the Lord has anointed him King of Israel. This further proves the importance and significance of Holy anointing oils and their beautiful, prophetic uses.

Healing James 5:14 directly tells us that if anyone among us is sick to call on the elders of the church, and to anoint and pray over the sick for healing. The power of healing is and always will be through Jesus. Anointing with oil is simply a beautiful yet powerful act and symbolic gesture of faith. We have all heard of miracles, blind people seeing, deaf people hearing, after being touched by the Holy Spirit. But do we have the same faith to use Holy anointing oil to faithfully ask Jesus to heal you or a loved one?

Holy anointing oil is symbolic. It’s not a “magic potion” or a “cure-all”, it is a beautiful, powerful, act of faith. An act of faith that can be performed with really anything. Jesus even healed a man with His spit and a little dirt. Oil, dirt, spit, these are just some examples of points of contact with your faith in Jesus Christ.

After saying this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes.

John 9:6

To be anointed is to be set apart, that is what Kodesh means, these oils are set apart for an act of faith that draws us closer to Christ. We are set apart for Christ. In these trying times, when the stress and worries of life try to put us down, anoint yourself with oil always, so that those thoughts can slide right off. When the atmosphere in your home doesn’t feel like it should, when pandemics, famine, pestilence try to attack, anoint your home like the Israelites did so the angel of death didn’t touch them. Set yourself, your family, and all you have apart for Christ. We are not of this world, our King is coming soon!

God Bless,

Nicole Rivera

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