End of Times: Dreams and Visions about Hawaii, volcanoes, war, Mount Rushmore and the Golden State Bridge.

On February 25 of 2022 I woke up when I had a dream that God showed me about someone I know. This dream was important because it had to do with the bigger picture that we are living in now, it has to do with the times, it was a crucial time sensitive dream. It was long and contained a lot of details so I copied most of it on here with time stamps. All of the person’s personal info has been erased to protect privacy and I let them know beforehand I would share the message of the dreams and what God showed me when I woke up that day without involving any of their personal info. But here is the part where I explain the part of the dream that pertains to everyone and a couple of other visions related that God had been speaking to me about.


*pictures in gallery at the bottom of page*

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: I’m messaging you to tell you about a dream I had the other night on the 20th about you. In this dream I was in a garage with my mom working and the garage was open and we see a car park up front. When I look I see you and K, and the moment I saw you I was so excited for some reason. As if I had been waiting to see you for a long time. I just said “hey!” And got teary eyed. Then I felt the Holy Spirit inside me get so excited, and I began to speak in tongues. I felt myself guiding you to a black folding chair we had put out and as I’m guiding you to sit , the Holy Spirit kept speaking in tongues fervently. You guys even looked at me funny, like “what is going on?”

Then my mom comes up to me to show me something I had to tell you. She was desperately trying to show me an old dream she had saved on her Whatsapp. She’s scrolling and scrolling to find it and as she finally finds it and I’m literally seeing the big block of green with the words pop onto the screen, in about to read it and I hear a growling noise. When I look there’s an abnormally muscly black and white pitbull with blue eyes growling at me. And it starts to chase me, just me. I started to run like crazy, I even went into someone’s house trying to dodge this demonic dog. It would pop up behind me even though I shut the door, etc. And when it finally got close to bite me I woke up inside another dream. Only to be chased by another dog. I was chased in dream after dream by 5 dogs and the last one was an alligator. So I was chased a total of 6 times. I remember one was on a long stretch of road, and I saw my sister’s German shepherd trying to protect me. But a detail I remember about that road was the street name at the end. Somerplace.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: Now the last time I was chased was by an alligator, I was near some beach houses, and those houses had the same street name somerplace. They were baby blue, green , beach colored houses but they were empty with the front doors left wide open. And this time I couldn’t run into the houses because the gator came out from one of those houses. So I ran and I see a huge sand castle at the end of street, when I get close the sand castle is toppled and as I walk into the sand its kind of dragging me down, but inside the sand I see bricks like the ones used for buildings (grey bricks). Right before the gator reaches me , I wake up.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: So in real life I wake up finally and I felt the Holy Spirit. I felt chills all over my body and I knew God was trying to tell me something. I got on my knees and began to pray. As I’m praying I start to remember the details of the dream and I begin to feel a sense of urgency like God was really trying to tell you something and the enemy didn’t want me to see that message my mom had been trying to show me in the dream. But nonetheless the Lord showed me. It was peculiar but as I’m praying I see the island of Hawaii and I see (no joke) a can of Goya sauce. I wanted to laugh because what. But I can’t explain to you how I felt God’s presence trying to explain and show something to me.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: This next part involves a lot of details I’m going to try and summarize. So back to the Goya sauce and Hawaii. I Google it. I literally put Goya and Hawaii into the Google search bar. And a man pops up, a Japanese man named something Goya. I click on it and I see that he graduated in 1978 from a university in Hawaii and I Google map search his name and Hawaii. It sends me to his office in Honolulu. (Refer to Pictures #1 & #2)

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: Now I start looking around and I see somerplace from the dream. I felt that Jesus was guiding me to something when I saw that. (Refer to Picture #3)

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: It wasn’t even the exact word but I knew that it was that, why? Because when I saw that part summer palace was when God reminded me of that street name somerplace I saw in the dream multiple times as I was running from the dogs. So that place queen Emma summer palace is near Nuuanu in Honolulu. (Refer to Picture #3) And so I keep searching the area on the maps looking around to see where I feel God guiding me to. And Im telling you, I would have thought this was all crazy but the way that God was guiding me was so perfect, it was like He was showing me clues and I just had to follow them to see the full message.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: So now onto the search again. I see a Chinese cultural center right there in Honolulu and I say ” ok Lord it has to do with the Chinese?” And I click on it and I go into the 360 map of the Chinese center and I start looking around. (Refer to Pictures #4 & #5)

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: That number 108 was a clue later on, but I really noticed those flags alot and at this point I was like ok so maybe this is it. Until I see this statue. And it’s a normal Chinese statue, but the way that this image is captured and the way the light hit it that one particular night it was taken, it looks just like Jesus on my phone. (Refer to Pictures #6,#7,#8).

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: And look it was a Chinese statue in actuality. So I knew God was still speaking to me here (pic #8)

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: So now I went back to the Google maps of Mr.Goya and I kept looking around Honolulu. I remember at this part i see this piece of the island and it reminded me of a dream my mom had a couple years back where she was at a beach in front of the ocean and she sees a large black shadow of like a huge shark or fish. And it leads me to the area up top of Honolulu MCBH.
[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: At the tip where it looks like the head of a fish (Refer to Picture #9)

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: I start looking around thinking there were no more clues and then I zoomed in. I didnt let doubt get in the way, I just kept searching. I was hungry for what the Lord wanted to show me.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: So this tiny island up top caught my attention and I zoomed in, nothing crazy just an island. (Refer to Pictures #9 & #10)
[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: And I see this on the top left of the tiny island (Refer to Pictures #11, #12,#13,#14)

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: And I see those shapes in the water, it could be anything. (Refer to pictures #12, #13, #14) Whales etc. But at that moment all I felt was missiles. I saw them and I felt that I was seeing missiles. And keep in mind, I honestly didn’t know what side of the U.S. Hawaii was near. I honestly didn’t know where Hawaii was at all. I knew it was an island somewhere near the U.S. but that’s it. Geography is not my thing. But I somehow knew, not somehow, I knew from God that when I zoomed out those missiles where going to be pointing at a spot He had shown me before.

They were pointing straight at that yellow star. (Refer to Picture #15) And at that moment I remembered a vision the Lord had shown me one night when I was praying. I remember I saw an older military plane with a red star on it wing heading towards a bridge and coming through to the other side.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: When I had seen that vision that day I asked the Lord where that bridge was, it had a peculiar shape I just didnt know where it was. And that day I went into Google maps and out of the whole maps , out of all the landmarks in the world, that yellow star was in my map. I clicked on it that day and it was the exact same bridge from my vision. The Golden state bridge.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: I remember at this point I had this feeling to check my weather radar and I moved it to Honolulu and I see only one red mountain highlighted. I searched this one up on the Google maps and it came up as Diamond Head State Monument. I start researching it and I see that It had a big military history. They even had bunkers up there and it was a fort to check for any incoming oceanic threats back in the day (Refer to Pictures #16,#17,#18).

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: Now at this point I really know that God was trying to tell me about war, about something that’s coming to the U.S.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: I was reading through the history and I just kept feeling that sense of war. And if you look closely at the top of the page it even talks about the fish, and I remembered the fish from my mom’s dream again. I remember she had told me that shadow in her dream she had felt that something bad was coming.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: I started to remember the dream I had with you and the empty houses with the doors left wide open as if people had to flee, the crumbled sand castle with bricks inside as if something had destroyed it and more. And I remembered how the enemy desperately didn’t want me to see that message my mom was trying to show me so that I could tell you. That message she wanted to show me was crucial that I told you about it and the enemy didn’t let me see it. But what I do know is that all of this that I have explained to you is so that you know why. I remember that sense of urgency I felt when I woke up from the dream I had with you was a sense of urgency that you had to get out. I felt so strongly that you and yours had to get off that island. I know it sounds crazy, but I won’t ever sugar coat a message God gives me for someone. I know you barely know me, you probably met me at one of the worst points in my life where I was severely depressed and suicidal. But the God who freed me from depression is the same God I felt in that dream when I saw you pull up to that garage. the love I felt from God towards you was so pure, it was so intense that He didn’t even let me speak, it was just Him speaking in tongues of how excited He was to see you.

[2/25, 9:30 AM] nicole: I know this is a lot of information to take in at once, but I had to explain it to you the same way God explained it to me. There is something coming, I don’t know what, I don’t know when. But God kept showing me how China, Russia , Japan was involved in all of this. God told me it would be like Hiroshima, I remember that clearly. It felt the whole time that it was going to be a big war. And I’m telling you this was all before Russia decided to attack Ukraine, and that is a big deal. People are living in ignorance these days. We’ve been traveling the states for work and I have physically seen the empty shelves at hundreds of walmart’s. I have been kicked out of a restaurant for not having a vaccine. I have seen how people are bitter and angry. Full of hate for everyone including themselves.


This dream had a lot of parts to it, because when I woke up that day the Lord began to show me things almost like a scavenger hunt. I remember feeling God’s presence as I kept finding clues. Because even when I felt a hint of doubt I felt His presence telling me to keep going.

This is going to sound like a crazy dream. You may think, how or why would you tell someone to leave their home? But God works exactly as He wants to. This person even told me they had already been planning on leaving and I took that as confirmation from God.

Why do I share this? Not for credit, not for Glory, not for anything but to share the message from God. To share what He has shown me, to give Glory to our God who takes His time to speak to His children. When God speaks to you and you know it’s Him, please open your mouth. No matter how crazy or insane it may sound ,no matter who judges you, just give the message. Let Him use you. Everyone judged Noah when he was building that Ark. But they believed when God shut the doors.

I remember a little bit after I spoke with them, God kept showing me volcanoes.( Refer to picture #19) I saw it on my Instagram feed. And later on I had a dream I was visiting someone I know and that we went to a laundromat and they tell me they moved to Hawaii and that that’s where we were standing. And as I look around everything was covered in lava and I looked out the windows and there was a huge volcano just gushing lava everywhere. But the person I was with just stood there and said they were used to it.

I keep dreaming about volcanoes and recently dreamt of one at Mount Rushmore also. A cult of rebellious teens were living in a mansion near there were planning horrible things, and they were overjoyed at the volcano exploding near Mount rushmore.

Jesus is coming soon and the Bible is unfolding right in front of us. The government is taking about the New world order and everything is just falling into place just as the Bible has said. The enemy is rushing , exposing himself, no longer hiding in subliminal messages because he knows he’s out of time.

I urge you guys to please pay close attention to the voice of God. Don’t let yourself get distracted and get rid of distractions. Focus on the Lord, focus on what’s going on around us. Things aren’t going to go back to the way they were. Everything is changing, they’ll call us crazy, they’re going to persecute us. But for Jesus let’s do it all. Let Him reign in your life. Let Him free you. Let Him in, open your heart to Him. He is coming soon. Shalom ❤️

“ ‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy. I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and billows of smoke. The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’
Acts 2:17‭-‬21 NIV

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